Mayor Jim Kenney “Strong Mayor”-Raised the Bar High- With a Bold Progressive Agenda

 The Philadelphia Soda Tax

by Bridget Birchett -September 6, 2016

Power & Influence – No Chasing

Mayor Kenney  sworn in as the  99th Mayor of City of Philadelphia the 5th largest city in the US. Born and raised in Philadelphia and a former City Council Official, he  clearly has his finger on the pulse of the city.

On Thursday June 16th, 2016 Soda Tax passes; Philadelphia is the first big city in the Nation to enact one. The 13 -4 vote put to bed months of speculation and at times bitter negotiations, but ensured that the national spotlight will stay turned Philadelphia for months if not years.


Mayor Kenney who can count this as the first major political victory of his term called it a start to  “changing the narrative of poverty in our City.” The City will start collecting the tax in January 2017. The Tax is expected to raise $91 million annually and fund City projects including pre-K expansion the creation of community schools and investment in parks and recreation centers.


Mayor Kenney signing Soda Tax Legislation in presence of  City Council members.


City Council passed the first budget of Mayor Kenney’s administration  Thursday June 16th, 2016 a $4.19 billion plan that includes funding for prekindergarten, community schools, and parks and recreation improvements paid for by a beverage tax.

The budget, passed on the final day of Council’s spring session, has $20 million more spending than when first proposed in March, and $192 million more than the city’s 2016 budget.




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