SC Ranks No. 1 In Women Killed By Men




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By Sonia Gutierrez, WLTX

Columbia, SC (WLTX) – Right now, South Carolina ranks number one in the rate of women murdered by men, according to the latest Violence Policy Center report.

With the most recent decision from the Supreme Court on denying gun ownership rights to people who commit reckless acts of domestic violence, advocate groups say this decision can go a long way in fighting domestic violence.

Nancy Barton, Director of Sistercare, says, “at least [the ruling] gives a message that the issue is serious and I always think that it has to start there.”

Her organization, Sistercare surveys women and asks if they were threatened with death, threatened with a weapon or threatened with both. She says 65 percent of the last group of women surveyed said they’ve been threatened with a weapon.

Those numbers are reflected on the Violence Policy Center report that says 60% of female victims, were killed with a gun in South Carolina.

“I think we need to change our values and beliefs system to make a real difference” said Nancy Barton.

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