Georgia is ready !!!


by Bridget Birchett Tripp June 9, 2016

With careful planning and leadership with a vision @staceyabrahms and the Georgia Dems are on course to turning Georgia  Blue in November 2016 Presidential Election. How are they going to  do it ? Very easy……… why try to reinvent the wheel.  The state launched online voter registration system in 2014. Before the March 1st Presidential Primary deadline the state register 54,385 Georgians. Georgians register to vote and updated their status.  Of them, 37,903 were registering for the first time.

Preparation meets opportunity. Operatives from battle ground states are descending on Georgia to help in turning the state blue. With combination of change in demographics, voter registration, Hillary Clinton first Woman Presidential Nominee  and the Trump factor the Democrats believe they can make history in November.



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